Selected Articles and Reviews by Marian Ronan

“Coming Closer to the  Cross: New Feminist Perspectives on the Passion of Jesus.” Revision of a talk delivered at the Protestant Akademie at Boldern , Switzerland, January, 2008. Forthcoming in The Journal of World Christianity. (Register without charge on the website to access articles.)

Review of The Holy Spirit in the World: A Global Conversation by Kirsteen Kim (Orbis, 2007). Forthcoming in The Journal of World Christianity. (Register without charge on the website to access articles.)

“Ethical Challenges Confronting the Roman Catholic Women’s Ordination Movement in the Twenty-First Century.” Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, 23. 2 (Fall 2007): 149-169.

“Ordination and Apartheid.” EqualwRites: The Newsletter of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Women’s Ordination Conference. 14.3 (December 2005-February 2006).

“Blessed Are They Who Mourn: Roman Catholic Sex/Gender Ideology after Vatican II.” Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, 2.3 (August 2001)

“Celebrating Our Triumphs, Committing Ourselves to Change.” Keynote address delivered at the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Women’s Ordination Conference, Philadelphia, PA, March, 2005.

“A Sliver of Dry Land: Reconfigurations of Catholicism in the Works of Mary Gordon.” US Catholic Historian. 23.3 (Summer 2005): 71-92.

Mel Gibsons Passion and the Many Uses of Christs Suffering.” Pastoral Psychology 53.1 (November 2004).

“Reclaiming Women’s Experience: A Reading of Selected Christian Feminist Theologies. Cross Currents 48 (1998): 218-29.


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  1. Hello!! I’m now the senior pastor at MCC in Knoxville, TN as of 1 Dec 10 and have not stopped running since I hit the ground! I love your blog and wish I had the time to comment and discuss, but I am fed enough by what I read, and thank you for this, as I use the insight to process my sermon prep for what I’m doing here in K’ville. I hope you and that Baptist minister are doing ok there in Brooklyn. 🙂

    Please pardon the blog post. I did try to relocate your email address but couldn’t a link. So here goes: do either of you know of a Dr. Calvin Miller? He’s hosting a free preaching lectureship at the very conservative Johnson BIble College here and I was wondering if it would be worth the effort to get myself and a new seminarian to his workshops. Dr. Miller’s last assignment was at Beeson Divinity School; writes for Leadership magazine, Preaching Mag, and Library of Distinctive Sermons.
    I figure just because the school is conservative the preaching lectures may be worth the trip regardless.

    Again, I hope you are well. My partner Jen and I are adjusting to the South (me again and Jen for the first time) but God has called us both here. The MCCK is about 160ish w/120ish in worship in the mornings; I’m desperately working all the programming stuff in between. Now I see the value of our senior mentor project…lol!

    Go well,


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