Color for the Winter Season

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So it’s winter here. Seriously. We wake up to the sound of our building super shoveling. And it’s often quite gray outside, when it’s not downright dark. 

If, like me, you struggle with the emotional implications of all this cold and  darkness—and if you’re not at the moment in Sydney or Oaxaca—I have a suggestion. Take a look at the web page of my friend the painter and printmaker, Mary Shea. Mary and I became friends when she was studying at the Studio School here in New York several lifetimes ago, and we’ve remained friends ever since. My apartment is filled with her luminous work.

Since Mary lives in Seattle, where it rains a lot,  she began dealing with the grayness already in November. Her solution? Yellow! She quotes Bonnard: “One can never have too much yellow.” And then Itten: “Yellow is the most lightgiving of all hues…Golden yellow suggests the highest sublimation of matter by the power of light, impalpably radiant, lacking transparency, but weightless as a pure vibration.” 

 The really effective antidote to the blahs, however,  are the paintings and prints on Mary’s webpage: ones with lots of yellow, but also paintings of her garden (in warmer times!) and my own current favorites, her airport pictures, which, for me, call to mind the wonderful feeling of imminent escape without having to endure a full body scan to do so.

Mary’s web page isn’t very large ; you can just smile at the pictures for a while and then go back to work. Or put on your coat and forge out into the cold.

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