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  1. Thanks always for such thought provoking blogs. I had no idea Ryan was given this award, what a disgrace AND without any significant outrage from anyone! It makes me wonder even more about what direction we are going…
    I agree with your position on the importance of water and the peril of climate change in relation to the right to life issue. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve already used this comparison in a recent essay for my GreenFaith fellowship program but you said it even more clearly.
    thanks and keep writing. Hope to see you one day soon.


  2. I don’t want anyone denied Communion, but would like some protest at giving Paul Ryan an award from a Catholic college. Argh!!! Thanks for writing, as always.


  3. A truth is a truth is a truth regardless of what the current hierarchy teaches or believes. In Jesus day, the Sanhedrin did not accept him as the son of God…


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