Interview about Catholic Sisters, the Church, and Women

January 13, 2014 at 10:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Last weekend I was down in Ft. Myers, Florida, talking with the SW Florida branch of the Catholic reform group Call to Action about my recent book, Sister Trouble and the 2012 Vatican crackdown on U.S. Catholic sisters. I hope to share with you what I said there in a future post.

In connection with the book talk, however, I was interviewed on the local NPR station, WGCU. In lieu of a blogpost, here’s the link to the interview. I suspect you will have no trouble recognizing my sweet, receptive feminine voice.  ( :



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  1. My good pal Wallace Stevens spent a lot of time in Florida, mostly on business trips, and one of his most famous poems (“The Idea of Order in Key West”) deals with Florida. One of his earlier, less well known poems addresses Florida a little more directly (“O, Florida, Venereal Soil”)— I think his point is that Florida is just too direct and maybe discloses too much, too quickly. This interview, on the other hand, dislcoses too little, too quickly— you get more space on Twitter? Btw, keep your head down, down there!


  2. It’s just the voice we need, Marian, and I especially liked your New York accent. Thanks!


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