Pope Resigns!! Addendum

February 15, 2013 at 8:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
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It seems that my figures about the number of men (ahem) in the College of Cardinals were wrong. I should never do figures; I’m a word girl.

So I’m not going to correct the number and make another dumb mistake. Lots of people have been mistaken on this. Sister Simone Campbell, the lead “nun on the bus,” said on Democracy Now the other night that 120 cardinals will be voting, but that’s surely the number Paul VI set as the limit of members, not the actual number; whether voting or belonging to the college outright I am less sure. Somebody on NPR said that B-16  has appointed the majority, 67, but the majority of what?

What I was not wrong about is that JP II and B-16 have appointed the entire group that will be voting in March, which sets certain limits on the outcome.

What I am hoping for is the election of a Latin American. Not that said pope will change the church’s near-fatal obsession with sexual orthodoxy. But at least he will symbolize something beyond the tired old European church.  And perhaps there will be the  faintest echo of liberation theology in the back of his head.


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  1. The Holy Spirit guides us all, we just have to listen. Bishop Romero didn’t have any intention to become a martyr, he just did what the Spirit prompted him to do. May we all listen as well! I am beginning a novena to the Holy Spirit for the new Pope – Latin America would be great!!!


  2. Dear Word Girl,

    Whatever the correct number of men, we know for sure the number of women. One day I pray it truly will be Holy MOTHER Church. In the meantime, I’m rooting for Latin America too.


  3. If memory serves me right, only those not yet 80 years old will be participating.


    • Right. But determining that exact never seems to be challenging a lot of us.

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