Life is a Lark…

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When I was a kid, there was an amusement park just above the city called Willow Grove. The parochial school I attended, St. Joseph’s in Collingdale, had its annual picnic there every June. I loved the place. There were also billboards around Philadelphia advertising it: “Life is a Lark…At Willow Grove Park.”

From time to time, this phrase goes through my head, even though it’s been fifty years since my last trip to Willow Grove.

When I was in college, I took up eating a container of Dannon yoghurt for lunch. I had a tendency toward being fat, and yoghurt, a piece of fruit, and jogging was my method of fighting back.

There were eight ounces of yoghurt in one Dannon container. One day though–probably in the seventies, as the economy tanked–the container suddenly contained six ounces. But I didn’t mind; I was cutting my calorie intake by a quarter.

Last week, among the groceries I sent my husband off to buy, was five pounds of sugar. When Keith came back he said, “The five-pound bag of sugar is now four pounds.” I smiled. The economy’s bad, after all.

It was also Keith’s birthday last week. To celebrate, the guy who manages our vast fortune always sends him a five-dollar Starbucks card. Keith, in turn, gives it to me.

To use it, you have to register it. I went onto the Starbucks page and tried to sign in, but I couldn’t remember my username and password. I had to email separately for each of them, after which I entered them into the “Password” file on my hard drive. Then I signed in and entered the twelve numbers on the card.  You also had to enter the five digit security number, which had a plastic film over it on the card, which took me about two minutes to remove. The total effort took about twenty minutes. For five bucks.

But yesterday I heard an ad on the radio for Activia, a form of Dannon yoghurt that’s good for your gastrointestinal tract. The ad informed me that now there’s a new breakfast form of Activia…and the amount of yoghurt in the container  has been increased!!

Life is a lark…


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  1. I love it, Marian — the blog and regular yoghurt, that is. I’ve never tried Activia


  2. Everything goes around — and did you hear the rest of the activia commercial? You have to eat it three times a day to get the advertized benefit!


  3. Love the bit about the Starbucks card. It’s laughable how hard it is to use those darn things.


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