The Women Did Not Give Up Hope

April 7, 2012 at 3:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
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After Jesus died on the cross, a group of women disciples remained faithful to him and believed in his resurrection.

All over the world, faithful Catholic women continue to believe that God will save the Catholic Church from its misogyny and authoritarianism by admitting women to the priesthood. God knows what a long hard slog it has been for women’s ordination activists, how much easier it would be to give up hope.

Just south of here, in Philadelphia. some very dear friends of mine have been working for women’s ordination since the 1970s. One of the actions they undertake year after year is to celebrate a Eucharist outside St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Philadelphia on Holy Thursday while the archbishop and his priests celebrate a Mass inside in honor of the priesthood. My friends also hold up signs and banners calling for the ordination of women.

This year WHYY, the PBS station in Philly, filmed and posted on their webpage an interview with two of my dear friends, Dr. Regina Bannan, the president of the southeast Pennsylvania women’s ordination group, and woman priest Rev. Judy Heffernan, as they carried out their Holy Thursday action. Click here to meet my friends and hear their thoughts about women’s ordination and the future of the Catholic Church.

God raised Jesus from the dead. Surely God can and will cause the male leaders of the Catholic Church to welcome the larger half of the people of God into full membership, thus saving and reinvigorating the church we love.


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  1. Marian– I don’t mean to seem rude here but your post makes me feel sad for your enterprise; why do you and your colleagues continue to fight this fight against an “establishment” that seems to care not a whit what you think or how sincere you are? Why not just set up your own shop among like minded people and allow these gents to fade off into their own “parochial” sunset, clutching onto their particular version of “truth”? Surely your view will prevail ultimately– why labor so mightily now?


  2. Sweetie–
    I get your point. It’s sort of like spending our lives banging our heads on a stone wall.

    But could we not say the same thing about the United States? At least the Catholic Church can’t (any longer) enact policies that get people killed, as in the 24 states with the “Stand Your Ground” laws. But progressives go on voting, contributing to causes they believe in, writing letters to their congresspeople.

    The RCC is the second largest religious body in the world, with 129 million members in sub-Saharan Africa alone. If people didn’t work on lost causes, not much would change. And then, the boys in Rome would be so glad if we gave up…


  3. Hi Marian,

    In the long arc of time, I believe that the church will finally recognize (as said once in China) that women hold up half the world. Each Easter someone comments on the fact that it was the women (with the notable exception of John) who remained at the foot of the cross, and it was the women to whom the risen Jesus first appeared. I believe God is sending that message — it’s the male management of our RCC that refuses to acknowledge it.
    We can only travel in hope…sigh.


  4. I’m so glad you pointed out the interview with the women in Philly. Thank you for taking me to meet them decades ago!


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