Chicken Fame

November 20, 2011 at 4:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

I would never even have a blogpage except that my technologically astute and Mandarin speaking niece Emms/aka Maggie Ronan created one for me. So what would I know about pingbacks?

Turns out they are notices you get when another blogpage has linked to yours.

Another reason, besides stupidity, that I didn’t know what pingbacks are is that I had never gotten one until the other day.

So what other blogpage do you think I heard back from? The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, wishing I would say something nice about them? Sister Elizabeth Johnson, thanking me for my praise  of her book?

Not on your life. My first pingback was from, a blog about raising chickens, building chicken coops, etc. (Turns out a chicken ark is a certain kind coop. Who knew?)

In the interest of expanding the number of my followers, I am seriously considering renaming my blog “An American Catholic on the Margins of Chickenland.” Be sure to check back and see what I decide.



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  2. A spam pingback going to all bloggers?? MACC


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  4. Were you successful at chicken coops? I don’t remember it that way. Maybe this is a sign that your church reform and world water crisis is working.


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