Prayer for Immigrants

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Trina Paulus, a Grail member, is active in a group called Parishioners for Peace and Justice at St. Peter Claver Roman Catholic Church in Montclair, New Jersey. The group is circulating this “Prayer for Immigrants.” Its simplicity and its request that God share God’s compassion with those on the other side of the debate appeal to me. Perhaps if we all say this prayer–then write to our Congresspeople! –things will get better.  (Apologies for the extra lines in verses two and three; for the life of me I can’t get rid of them. Maybe somebody half my age will stop by some day soon and show me how to fix this!) 

Prayer for Immigrants 

God of the journey, God of the traveler,
We pray for those who leave their homes
in search of new beginnings and possibilities,
may they know your presence with them. 

We pray that those who seek to make a home in this country
may find us welcoming 
and willing to help them find a path toward citizenship. 

We pray that our legislators, as they craft new immigration legislation 
may find the wisdom and courage 

to enact new policies that do justice for our country
and for those who would immigrate here. 

We pray for those who fan the flames of fear
and discrimination against the undocumented,
that they may be touched with your divine compassion.
We pray in Jesus’ name. 


(From the Archdiocese of Chicago)
 St. Peter Claver Church Parishioners for Peace & Justice 8/08/10 Issue 32 






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