Denver Archdiocese Refuses Girls II

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Yesterday I mentioned the exclusion of a little girl from Sacred Heart of Jesus School in (by) the Archdiocese of Denver.  An article in the National Catholic Reporter Online offers more detail about this exclusion. Turns out it’s two little girls, not one. I find the article’s description of the mothers of the little girls deeply moving. They seem to be going out of their way not to respond to the decision with hatred or animosity.  It sounds, in fact, as if they are much better Christians than I’m afraid I would be in a similar situation.

One of the interesting issues surfaced by the article is that there are very many of us Catholics here in the US (and not just here) who exempt ourselves from various aspects of Catholic sexual teaching.  Already in the 1950s in the little stucco twin houses on our street in suburban Philadelphia there wasn’t one Catholic family with more than two children. And when you register in a Catholic parish, in my experience at least, they don’t ask you for proof that you were married in the church. The understanding, then as now, is that as long as you don’t bring up such things, you’re fine. Catholics grasped the principle of “don’t ask, don’t tell” long before the Clinton Administration.

But a lesbian couple who goes to church regularly and registers their kids in a Catholic school is out there, no pun intended. These women actually asked if there would be a problem with their being a couple, or something to that effect, and were told no, at least at first. But not any longer.


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