A Technological Marvel

February 7, 2010 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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As anyone who knows me well can testify, I am a technological marvel. Some months ago, I attempted to download (is that the word?) the Weather Channel homepage onto my computer so that I could just click the icon and see the weather whenever I wanted it. 

Something went wrong, though. The homepage got stuck. It asked me to tell it my zip code, and I did, but the next step would never occur. Instead,  every time I turned on my computer there appeared this big blue blob thing with a request in the middle of it for my zip code. I would write in the zip code and click, but the blob would never go away. 

After some months I got really tired of this so I asked my husband if he could please get rid of the blob for me. He worked on it for a while and said it was  gone. The next time I turned on the computer I got a message that asked me to click that I agreed to the Weather Channel requirements. I refused, and then, the next time I turned on my computer, there it was again. 

Finally one day it occurred to me to try agreeing to the requirements. I clicked the accept command and presto! The Weather Channel homepage was on my computer. It had taken about six months for me to achieve this. At last I could check the temperature hour by hour. This all made me very happy.

But then something else happened: the Weather Channel home page includes an audio track (is that the right phrase?). The sound of thunder and lightning. When I’m sitting at the computer, or in the kitchen making a cup of tea, suddenly, a storm with thunder and lightning ensues. I have no idea why. Maybe the rest of the time it’s sunny out but the Weather Channel doesn’t communicate that part. I didn’t realize that I was signing on for thunder and lightning. Maybe I’ll ask Keith if he can get rid of it…

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